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26 July 2008 @ 07:20 pm
what religion or book you apertain to follow having your wife walk 10 feet behind you is demeaning & archaic & has no place in todays society. this is the 21st century ye frikkin retards!!

on a lighter note Tesco's paid me to take a copy of Jarhead from them today [they had the price wrong so i got my money back from them & the DVD : ) ]

oh &
you've gotta love the Mancunians
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21 July 2008 @ 03:32 pm
another chapter in the ongoing saga of the bank transfer o_0
the lovely people at tv licencing sent me a letter a while back stating that their direct debit hadn't been paid so i contacted them to confirm that they had the correct details which they apparently did have, so they said they would try again.
they did with the same results declined from the bank for some reason. so once again i contacted them to confirm details & yupp still correct.
today i get another two letters one saying it was declined again & a second saying they will refund some money to me which i have just checked & they have managed to put the money into my account [the one they couldn't get it out from i mean WTF [i know the bank is based in liverpool which came near the top of the list for non payment of TV licences but i didn't realise the banks there refused to pay it too]
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15 July 2008 @ 04:03 pm
telling one of the managment that he is an ignorant b*$£*rd & if he speaks to me like that again he will find himself dumped upside down in a wheelie bin is not appropriate behaviour for our morning meetings
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14 June 2008 @ 03:18 pm
i would have thought being 6foot, not being Kate Moss thin & well, slightly noticable would have meant i was easy to spot
but obviously i'm invisible.
how else can i explain the woman who walked into me whilst i was getting money out the cash machine today?
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31 May 2008 @ 10:36 am
i have not fallen off the planet or lapsed into a drunken coma
just been busy with stuff...
bank is just about sorted out now [only taken three months!!]
here's a quick update of where i've been hiding...

WGT ...
bands, many seen [all very enjoyable]
people caught up with loads
highlights included...
"but you were incredibly drunk last time we spoke" - Len Lemiere from Implant/32crash astounded i remembered him [he was informed i'm always incredibly drunk]
"no i want a picture of the two of you" - german lass getting me confused with someone else when i was drinking with Ronan.
die sehr freundlich deutsche frau : )
Dirk Ivens kijking up ma kilt to inform the lasses we were talking to there was "nothing worn under the kilt" then getting the "it's all in perfect working order" joke
taking about 4 hours to do a circuit of Moritzbastei as i kept ending up back at the bar with people i met
[then getting free drinks from the barstaff because of this : ) ]
all in all a really good time many thanks to everyone i met who made it so enjoyable : D

Work...busy : /
workmate officially nuts & seeing a headshrink [apparently it's my fault i broke him hehe]

the Uberbyte, Panzer AG Edinburgh gig
very good, once again good catching up with people.

Modulate Glasgow
an excellent gig it's just a real pity that so few people bothered to turn out for it...
following on from a post skinfitz made i think that apathy may have something to do with bands giving up [faderhead for example] they work hard making music & then people can't be arsed showing up when they get a chance to see them live [if yer going to nick their music at least turn up at a show & buy a bloody T-shirt to give them something back ye bunch of cheapskates]

Work...surprised by pay rise yaaay [though still not enough to fund my going to every festival i want to : ( ]

other stuff...annoyed that i wasn't informed that the afternoon starts at 10:50am [cheers city link couriers for trying to deliver a package afore i got home in the afternoon i.e. after 12:00 <--noon i'd even left work early to be home in time grrrr...]

so as i said busy but all good : ) hopefully i'll update a bit more regularly in future
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31 March 2008 @ 06:02 pm
a few weeks ago i decided to switch banks as the account i have with HSBC said it would no longer be supporting cash machine transactions from the end of March [they had offered me an alternative with a great interest rate but with a £14/month admin fee!! i decided then to move as i don't see why i should pay a bank to make money with my money]
so after some scouring the net for the best deals i decided to switch to A&L [just about the same interest rate but as long as my wages are paid in monthly no admin fees]
however i have come home from work today to discover that my old bank has decided to drag it's feet over informing the new one of my direct debits etc...so they have suspended continuing the switchover until the information has been received...
the upshot of this is that my wages will be getting paid into an account that i can't get direct access to my money from, i can still issue cheques etc from it though...
so tomorrow is going to be spent berating people on the phone & juggling finances around due to the incompetence of financial institutions 0_o
mind you i was going to be stuffed anyway as i havent been able to phone up & activate the card for my new account as the A&L card activation service has been having technical difficulties since thurs of last week!
whilst this may be a great way to save money by not being able to spend it frivolously i would not recommend it to anyone...
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24 February 2008 @ 10:36 pm
normally my year is planned out by which festivals i'll be going to, then everything else kind of fits into that schedule however...
one of my friends who i haven't seen for over a year has just announced he will be getting married on Aug 23rd...
aye Infest weekend : /
so my choices are
miss all the fun of Infest for a wedding i shall probably be attending by myself
[one of the drawbacks of being single is events like weddings where it's all couples who go to them so you stand out like a leper]
miss the wedding & run the risk of losing a friendship [though he would probably understand my reasons for not attending]
but see friends that i only get the chance to see at festivals...
of course if i don't go to Infest i suppose i can just find another festival to take it's place.
it's just that as far as our circle of friends went i was always the odd one out different lifestyle, musical interests etc...
hmmmmm : /
decisions, decisions.
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01 February 2008 @ 06:54 pm
is it when you want to get away sharp because you have a lot to do that you always get embroiled in sommat stupid in the work that makes you late leaving?
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28 January 2008 @ 11:15 pm
for the weekend of drinking & dancing : )
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17 January 2008 @ 07:51 pm
as i was leaving tesco's this evening i thought
hmmm that's a daft place to park your car to use the recycling point
however as i drew closer the car wasn't actually parked, it was more wrapped around a lamp post o_0
apparently the young lass driving it never saw the 45 foot high thing with light emanating from the top of it or the two bollards at either side of it.
her phone call to the AA was quite good though, when asked where she was parked in the car park her reply was "mines is the only car stuck in a lamp post"
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