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14 October 2008 @ 04:46 pm
ok. i know it's late so i'll be brief

flew out weds night had a few biers with g_e_a
drive down to Krefeld uneventfull [no helicopters landing on the autobahn this time]
hotel found straight away & very nice it was too.
we got changed & set off for the venue [thankfully some other guests had already asked about it's location so reception in the hotel were very helpfull with directions]
en route to the venue discovered that german trams can stop in about four feet
[i'm fairly sure the cyclist who would have been decapitated if they didn't was quite happy to find this out too o_0 ]
the venue is a good size with a whole room dedicated to merchandise/cd's etc
the main hall is probably on a par or slightly bigger than the size of Infest with a very good sound rig
[warning...ear protection must be worn!!...they have the speakers & they are not afraid to use them]
the bands

Hysteresis...good enjoyed them
Kirdec....o.k. but a bit too drum'n'bass really
Architect & Enduser...good set
Roger Rotor...o.k.
Iszoloscope & Camanercoszcope & Ah Cama-Sotz...really enjoyed this good rythmic stuff
Mono No Aware...good set

Friday...starts off fine then decends into a blur due to drinking way too many jaegerbombs
Rasputeen in heavy leather...really good, bunch of nutters with paper bags on, who finished off with just the guys from [shock horror] Catholic boys in heavy leather sans paper bags
Larvae...was o.k. at what he did but not really my bag
Empusae...a bit blurry but i think i enjoyed it o_0
Xabec...ermmmm dunno
Asche/Morgenstern & Ars Moriendi...
Orphx...see above

Militia...good old fashioned blokes banging metal [eye protection required for doon the front due to an idiot on stage showering the audience with grindings]
Config.Sys & Ahnst Anders...enjoyed this
Hypnoskull...were o.k.
Ambassador 21 & Suicide inside...good show [though she overplayed the angry woman slightly...we decided that she had just realised she had left the iron on]
Monokrom...the industrial mummies 0_o really good enjoyed the show
Klangstabil...did what klangstabil do mixture of good & bad some odd choices for a live set if you ask me
Punch inc...enjoyed them
Mimetic...were very very good really enjoyed them
Sonar...the masters of rythmic noise [& keystone cops capers...Eric knocked his drink over & Dirk walked across the stage taking one of the plugs with him killing half the rythm] accidents aside another good set from them

The [Law-Rah] Collective...
Monolith...really good [i'm glad Nadja found Eric to remind him he was playing]
MS Gentur...hmmmm didn't really set me alight
Proyecto Mirage...were really good
Contagious Orgasm...were o.k.
special guest...an old german punk band [psych machine i think they were called] who were o.k. at what they did but really didn't fit in with the whole weekend kind of a strange choice
Bong-Ra...old school drum'n'bass, but done really well, he had most of the audience dancing & eventually had to get thrown off stage by the stage manager [if he hadn't i think we might all still be there watching him]
Vromb...a bit too techno-dub for my liking [tho they might not have been but after the onslaught from Bong-Ra that's what they sounded like
Winterkälte...really good & REALLY LOUD!! i think only people with ear protection lasted til the end of the set which was a pity as they missed some really good stuff

so apart from the missing friday night [warning do not drink jaegermeister like it's going out of fashion for 5 hours, serious memory lapse will occur]
a really good festival that i really enjoyed it will be back on my calendar of festivals to do next year

many thanks to everyone i met old & new for making it so much fun
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atropa42atropa42 on October 14th, 2008 06:26 pm (UTC)
hehe, better late than never :) you managed to catch a lot of bands, i'm impressed ;) i like your account of friday night, hahaha!

i managed to not wear ear protection all weekend, AND lasted through winterkaelte, and witchdoktor's snoring - i think i'm officially deaf!

special guests - they were called EA80, a punk band from moenchengladbach fromt he 80's. the organiser likes them, apparently.

militia - oi, watch what you say! he's not an idiot, he's my friend :) but if the grinding really is dangerous i shall tell him off for that ;) is it dangerous? i already told them it was dangerous to throw drumsticks into the audience. obviously not great health and safety experts...

monolith - did they make it for their souncheck? it was ridiculously early. either that, or the night before at the blue bar thingy was ridiculously late, hahaha!

glad you're going again next year, that means i'll get to see you 3 times/year, yay! :)
whooluff: sane??whooluff on October 14th, 2008 07:46 pm (UTC)
lol it's not life threatening as such but if you get a hot shard of metal in your eye it is uncomfortable for quite a while afterwards
[think of a bit of grit X10, speaking from first hand experience]
ahh o.k. EA80 wasn't sure of their name
i don't think Eric made his sound check as he came in as the first band were about to go on o_0
atropa42atropa42 on October 15th, 2008 05:31 pm (UTC)
haha, well, he's not the youngest, and he was still drinking at 7am the night before ;) i know somebody else didn't make it for 11am ;)
g_e_a: amazing but trueg_e_a on October 19th, 2008 09:55 am (UTC)
*grin* Memory lapse ? What memory lapse ?? I cannae remember any memory lapse at all !

You earned respect for your excellent power of balance and I found out I seem to have an unhealthy interest in men's toilets. So. When are we going to rob a bank and do this stuff for the rest of our lives ?? :-)